Project Management

Our Project Management sub-division is responsible for the planning, management, and oversight of multi-site, investigator-initiated clinical trials that support the university's overall mission. The Project Management group will assist with the coordination of central resource services for principal investigators and other relevant study teams. members throughout the study lifecycle. It participates in the creation and review of study essential documents and communicates with internal and external stakeholders for management and improvement. These documents include but are not limited to:  protocols, informed consent forms, study manuals, case report forms, site feasibility questionnaires, and study Start-up packages.

Our project managers are responsible for managing timelines and major deliverables, communication plans, investigational product releases, training, issue escalation, and any project-specific processes and procedures that fall under the purview of their roles and responsibilities. They also assist with vendors, contracts, and finance management by monitoring payments and budget milestones. Lastly, the project managers coordinate the resources to offer and manage study-specific training.

In summary, the project management sub-division oversees the harmonization of all study-related protocol activities to effectively complete clinical research projects ensuring efficient, organized, and quality services.